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Crewed & Skippered Yacht Charter in the stunning Caribbean!

For the Caribbean season for 2016/2017 we will be offering three itineraries....

Itinerary 1: Southern Caribbean: Grenadines:
Grenada, St Vincent, Carriacou, Bequia, White Island, Sandy Island, Mustique, the stunning Tobago Cays,
Petite St Vincent, Union Island, Palm Island, Mayreau and the very pretty Petite Tabac....

Itinerary 2: Dominica: Leeward Islands
Antigua, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Isle des Saintes and the beautiful tropical island of Dominica....

Itinerary 3: Dutch Antilles and Leewards:
St Maarten, Anguilla, St Barts, St Kitts and Nevis...


Starting off your charter:

When starting your charter we will meet you at a pre-arranged time at the dock or marina where we are located, and take you to the yacht. (Usually we will be at anchor)

Once you are on board, settled in and comfortable, you can kick off your shoes and relax in the warm sunshine with a nice cold cocktail, we will discuss your itinerary for your charter and decide where to go and what do...... 

Remember, this is not a scheduled cruise ship, with us you have ALL the choices on itinerary and YOU do want YOU want to do...... we go where you want to go, not where the scheduled itinerary of a cruise ship takes you!

We can make some great recommendations if you are not too sure about where to go, (we have a lot of experience in these islands so can make the best suggestions based on your requirements...)

Or... you can choose your own itinerary based on your own experience and knowledge...

There are several big differences between a scheduled cruise ship and a private yacht charter:  
On a private yacht charter, YOU make the choices on where to go and what to do, (like staying longer in an anchorage if you are loving it...)
YOU choose the time when you want to go ashore and return to the yacht.... (No queues for the tender coming or going......!!)

No queues for shore excursions, we make the arrangements just for you.....
YOU choose the time when you want to have your meals......

But most of all, PERSONAL SERVICE is the main difference.... we are here to serve you and your family and friends...... (and not 2000 or more other people on the same ship!)

After we have discussed the itinerary, we'll set sail off to our first island.....

What to Expect during your charter:

Oasis has a great atmosphere, she feels strong and comfortable, and we are quite casual so you can feel right at home on board...... you are certainly in for a relaxing time, and you can also expect lots of fun and laughter!!

There will be some great sailing.... (If you don't like sailing then this is probably not the sort of vacation for you!)

We sail anywhere from one to six hours daily depending on your itinerary..... we will visit many great beaches and anchorages, and there will be lots of swimming and snorkelling, and some awesome diving for those of you who are certified  divers, (we arrange diving through local vendors), and there will be plenty of opportunities to see and visit places of interest throughout the various islands.

Most nights we will be anchored before sunset, and you can relax in one of our two cockpits and savour a cold cocktail at happy hour and enjoy the spectacular Caribbean sunsets... (watch for the "Green Flash"........)

After happy hour, you have the choice of dinner on board, or , if you wish, make your way ashore to sample one of the many lively bars and restaurants around the islands....

While we are sailing, you are welcome to do as much, or as little as you choose..

If you like, we can teach you a few sailing skills, hoist the sails, learn to steer and navigate.... or, if you wish, sit back and realx with a nice cold drink and let us do the sailing.... again the choice is yours!

We'll be visiting a different island every day, or perhaps we can change the itinerary if you find somewhere you really like.... (Tobago Cays gets many requests to stay longer!).... It's up to you.....

Ending your charter:

At the end of your charter, we will arrive at your island of disembarkation at a pre-arranged time, and we will arrange transport for you to your hotel or the airport.... and.....


If we have done our job well, you will have had one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacations you have ever taken...... 

(With something like a 70% repeat rate I think we are getting something right!!)

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