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Testimonials from our previous charter guests

"A sail a day keeps reality away"
We enjoyed escaping from reality aboard Oasis. Thank you Julian Legg, Julian Peterson & crew for a wonderful experience sailing the Grenadines. We will remember: Happy Island, rum punches, fast sailing, sleeping under the shooting stars, and breaking the Oasis record, (10.7kts).
With great memories,
The Sandbridge Jumbies

Captain Julian, Andrea and Evelyn,
Thanks for one of the best vacations we've ever had. The snorkeling and diving were great. I'll always remember the turtles, eagle rays, the tropical reef fish. The meals were better than any cruise ship could have put together. You guys were so accommodating, it's like this whole week has been a dream zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............
"Fish on", oh wait, that was just my new snooze alarm.
M & N - St Petersburg, FL
PS: The Milky Way and a Zillion stars were awesome!! And my favourite spot was the 'playpen'

Captain Julian, Andrea and Evelyn,
You all have made this vacation the best ever. Your service was great, but more importantly, you made the trip fun! The diving was fantastic!!! The snorkeling amazing!! We never realized sailing could be so exciting, and to think this was a sail, dive and fishing trip. We will never forget our nightly dinghy swapping, we hope you like the one you have! We enjoyed our relaxing nights under the stars without the lights on. Everything about this vacation was fantastic. There is not enough room to mention all that we saw and experienced.
Thank you for making this the BEST vacation ever!!
MA & D, Pembroke Pines, Florida

Thank you for a great week, I can't wait to come back.

Oasis Crew,
Thank you for an amazing time in the Grenadines. You made the trip all the more memorable.
Hope to see you soon,

Tick, Paul, Jo and David,
Thanks to you and your wonderful hospitality this past week. You showed me a Caribbean that I'm sure I'll never see again.
Hope to see you all again,

To the crew,
Thanks for a great week, see you next year.

Julian and crew,
Pam, Andrea and David.
The Oasis is a beautiful yacht and sailing with you has been a fantastic and wonderful experience! We have absolutely been thrilled with the week of sailing and cruising. The 'yachtie' experience will forever change our lives. Thank you all for being part of it, thank you all for creating it. May we sail again soon.
Love A & J

Beloved Oasis, Captain Julian, Pam, Andrea and David too!
This has been a wonderful week, ONLY TOO SHORT! I wish we had more time to enjoy the beauty & serenity of the islands and the ship (yacht!) You have been very gracious, we feel like Royalty!! Thank you for all you have done for us. We will sail again soon. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away" This has been a breath taking week!
J & A

Dear Oasis, Julian and Jo,
This is certainly a place to reflect on life, admire the ocean and just be thankful for everything you have! As cliché as it sounds, a place to "count your blessings". I will certainly miss you and will cherish the fond moments. Best of luck, safe travels,
N, Canada

Dear Julian, Tash and Jo,
Thanks for a GREAT week, This has been one of the best vacations EVER!
The diving was spectacular and we loved the food as was evidenced by the clean plates you saw each night! {Even if Jimmy never got his fried egg and orange juice!:-)} Here’s to old friends and new friends and the best vacation ever. Best of luck to you all, and hopefully we'll meet again.
G, J, P, D B & B

Julian, Tash, Jo

I know ya'll probably hear "it was a great week" a lot, but I can't think of a better way to say it. The time spent on Oasis with you this week was a truly relaxing and memorable experience. Really wish we could stay longer! (Maybe next time). Oasis and the crew will be highly recommended to anyone looking to "get away for awhile". All the best.
J & J D
T, C & J

Julian, Jo, Tasha,
This was the kind of trip we had always dreamed of doing, and now we did! It was everything we had hoped it would be and more!! Your sense of adventure & willingness to ensure our vacation with you was wonderful and unsurpassed. Enjoyed the mealtime conversation, loved getting into scuba diving again, (thanks for being a great guide Tash). Snorkeling was great, (loved the caves), Sailing!! Swimming from the boat, the list goes on, (Jo, the food - Yum!). Most importantly, it was great getting to know three really great people. Will be sure to do this trip again, or will recommend to many others!
K & M W
New Jersey


Julian, Tash, Jo,
We enjoyed a wonderful week of sailing, snorkeling and communing with paradise! Thank you so much for making this a truly memorable vacation! Health and happiness is our wish for you and your future. See you next time for another adventure in paradise.
L & B F
New Jersey

To Julian, Tash and Jo,
What a wonderful week we had sailing on the Oasis. Good sailing, good conversations, good food.
Hope to see you all again on this journey.

Thank you for the pleasure of good sailing and good company and a wonderful holiday.
S & D W

Julian, Joanne and Tasha,
Thank you for a 71' adventure.
Great wind and great week and great fun!
New York

Julian, Joanne and Tasha,
Thanks for a great week on Oasis.
The sailing was wonderful and catching a Tuna was a highlight!
Best of luck,
B & M

Seems a short week when we have done so much, sailing between these beautiful islands. Great wind and some fast sailing which we much enjoyed. Thanks for your help and encouragement and friendly banter! The crew of the boat were always willing and on hand especially when boarding the RIB! Sad to go......
Many thanks for a great week.
A & L L

Capt Julian, Joanne and Tasha,
Thanks to all of you for a wonderful week on Oasis. The only thing I disliked was the thought of leaving!! But I will be back! After spending a week on board in Grenada after Ivan, I am thrilled to see how far you've come. I'm happy to be one of your first passengers this season. I enjoyed spending time with your crew, you are all awesome.... I wish you continued success and fair seas,

Capt Julian, Sandra and Andrea,
We are so lucky and blessed. Spending three weeks at sea with virtual strangers could have been difficult under the best of circumstances, but with your professionalism, complete humour & sincerity, there was nothing 'difficult' and everything was "best" on this wonderful adventure. The magic of Oasis will be in our hearts forever. A simple "thank you" will not cover our appreciation so lets get 'retarded' in Grenada.....
S & M

Julian & Sandra,
Fabulous people, great venue, wonderful company. A vacation we will always remember. Can't thank you enough.

Julian & Sandra,
Thanks for the great week of sailing and diving, and also great food and folk!

I had the best vacation I have had so far,
Thank you,

Thank you for teaching me sooooo much,

Julian & Sandra,
Good company, good weather, good rum!!
Thank you for everything!

Beef Island to starboard under sail to St Johns.......
Dear Capt Julian and Sandra,
We came to give our family an adventure and you supplied it for us... Not only the swimming and the diving and sailing, but the life lessons as well! I know my children have learned from you that they can follow their dreams and make them happen! I did too!
Thank you and I hope we can come back....

To Skip & Crew,
Thank you for a wonderful week and memories that will last a lifetime. I will definitely be back for some more motoring and snorkeling, beaches and painkillers. Also the best diet in the Virgin Islands, never forget Andreas perfect 10!!
New York

Skip-a Skip-a Skip-a and Crew!
Thank you for the great week aboard the MB Oasis! Good food, good drink, good people. The boat was 'Smokin' fun! See you soon,
New York

Thank you for an amazing trip through the islands. I look forward to another adventure on the Oasis...

Oasis - (noun) - The only place where you can fish for three straight weeks without so much as a bite!!
Much love,
(We caught a 30lb cracker the day after you left!)

What an amazing and memorable journey! We had our bumps along the way, from the possessed fire hose to the ripped sail or sick dinghy, BUT who can forget the laughter, dancing, singing, eating (or not eating), sunbathing, beaches, snorkeling, diving, (or not diving), sailing and motoring, and best of all, breaking the boat record!! The captain, crew and yacht are amazing and I'm sad to leave. I'll definitely be back again for some more island hopping and good times!

Captain Julian, Sandra and Andrea,
What a wonderful week that you shared with us. Thank you. Loved the Oasis and the BVI's. Everything was lovely. Hope to see you again soon.
Thank you thank you,
New York

Captain Julian, Andrea and Sandra,
This has been the experience of a lifetime! The absolute best vacation I have ever been on! Fortunately it is a trip which can be repeated! Thank you all so much you will never know what this has meant.
New Hampshire

Capt Julian, Sandra and Andrea,
This journey was one saving grace for me. I had no expectations of what to expect, however, this trip has far exceeded ANY expectations I could have ever imagined! Your kindness and hospitality were boundless, the food was fabulous, The diving spectacular, and the sailing, totally awesome! 10-4!!!
You treated our charter with the 'trip of a lifetime'. Thank you, god bless you!
New Hampshire

Capt Julian, Sandra and Andrea,
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I wish you all, health and happiness and look forward to seeing you all again. "Wicked good"!
New Hampshire.

To my favourite crew, I can never thank you enough for this wonderful trip. Please keep safe and we will see you soon....

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